Local So Cal Farm Opens Succulents Market Online PortalSince 1966, the Britsch family has grown succulents and cactus since Hans & Gretel (true story!) Britsch started their first generation family farm in Valley Center, California, a small rural farming community in Northeast San Diego County. As botanists and immigrants from Switzerland, Hans & Gretel grew their farm out of a deep love and passion for cactus and succulent plants. In 1988, their son, Thomas, joined the business and expanded it into an international wholesale farming enterprise. As a third-generation farmer, Thomas's son, Nico, is now making the wholesale cactus and succulent collection available by way of the internet, via www.SucculentMarket.com. Nico says that the crucial component to look for when purchasing succulents online is the growth and retention of the succulents in a professional greenhouse. The greenhouse protects the baby plants through the crucial growing stages and, importantly, up until the moment the succulent is packed lovingly into a box to ship direct to you, rather than double shipping to a middle man who handles the plant and adds days outside the green house, as well as adds handling during those days, before the succulent arrives at your door.  The shorter shipping time and minimal handling that a succulent experiences when shipped - as from SucculentMarket.com - directly from greenhouse to your house has a couple of impacts: (1) the succulent will be fresher and experience less damage upon arrival, and(2) the succulent has a much better chance of "taking" and thriving over the days and weeks you're nurturing it.By comparison, if there was a middle man handling the package and adding days and weeks in between the green house and you, your new plant is at risk of being damaged upon arrival and of dying or failing to thrive over the weeks you're trying to grow it. This local southern California farm has a vast knowledge base from three generations who work, live and breathe cactus and succulents, nurturing them through the years of slow growth required to get past the "risky" stage. And should anything be awry when you receive the succulents or cactus you buy from www.SucculentMarket.com, you deal directly with the family business right here locally to get it fixed or replaced.The photos posted are outstanding as well, right out the gate, for example: For more information, hop on over to SucculentMarket.com!Lisa Delzompo (951-704-4559) "May your home always be too small ... to hold all your friends!" Is your home getting too small?  Need a FREE Home Valuation?  Preparing to Sell a Home?  Click here to submit a form online, or Call Frank at 951-326-7330 for a free consultation. CA Dept of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker License #01379811; NMLS Identifer #331744 REAL ESTATE:  www.SandToSeaProperties.com.  Covering northern San Diego, Oceanside, Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside County and desert areas of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms, CA. LOANS:  PRW Lending, Inc. Call direct 951-704-4559, or email me at lisa(@)sand2sea.us Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. Information is general and may not address your particular situation.  Do not rely solely on this or any information you find on the internet.  You should consult relevant professionals directly about your real estate, financial, etc., situation. Find me on Google+ Find me on Google+